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Ursapharm is one of the leading companies in the field of ophthalmology. With its commitment to innovation, Ursapharm has developed one of the most sterile bottle designs on the market today. Its unique, airless interior maintains the sterility of the solution after each use. We are pleased to offer Ursapharm’s ex­ceptional range of eye drops from their HYLO collection. HYLO eye-care products ensure perfect lubrication care for sensitive and dry eyes.


For the treatment of extremely dry eyes, Ursapharm offers its HYLO-GEL eye drops. HYLO-GEL provides intensive, lasting moisture for the ocular surface thanks the ingredient sodium hyaluronate, which is a lubricant substance found naturally in the human eye. Its gel consistency ensures long-lasting comfort, but does not impair vision.


The COMOD system is an innovative internal mechanism that prevents air from entering the dropper bottle during application of drops. This helps keep environmental particles from contaminating the drops so each application is comfortable and sterile. HYLO-COMOD drops also contain sodium hyaluronate to ensure perfect hydration and comfort.


The treatment of an irritated ocular surface requires intensive lubrication as well as rapid regeneration of the damaged eye tissue. HYLO-CARE contains sodium hyaluronate for enhanced moisture, and like all HYLO products, is preservative free. It provides long-lasting relief for dry and irritated eyes.

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