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Turquoise contact lenses - TopVue Color (2 monthly coloured lenses)

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    Turquoise contact lenses - TopVue Color (2 monthly coloured lenses)

    Cosmetic coloured lenses without power

    Non-dioptric coloured lenses are contacts that won't correct your vision. They are used solely for cosmetic purposes. For anyone who wishes to buy cosmetic lenses like these, it's advisable for your eyes to be measured for a "plano" prescription, meaning one with zero vision correction. A professional measurement beforehand will also tell you which lenses should comfortably fit you, and which lenses won't.

    TopVue Color - Power

    TopVue Color contact lenses are monthly coloured contact lenses made from an advanced hydrogel material, which is enriched by an extraordinarily effective lubricant known as sodium hyaluronate. Thanks to this effective moisturiser, the lenses are exceptionally comfortable all day long.

    Dramatic look

    Coloured lenses are a unique fashion accessory that can change your look or enhance your natural eye colour. TopVue Color lenses are lined with a darker ring that creates the appearance of bigger and brighter eyes. This ring also adds depth and dimension to your eyes.

    Everyday use

    TopVue Color contact lenses are designed for daily wear with a 30-day replacement schedule. They are not designed to be worn overnight. At the end of they day, they should be removed, disinfected, and stored in a case filled with disinfecting solution.

    The final effects

    The final effect of all coloured lenses depends on the colour of your clothing and accessories, as well as lighting conditions, which can, to some extent, affect the lenses’ appearance. Naturally darker eye colours are more difficult to significantly change with contact lenses than naturally lighter eye shades.


    Colour: Blue, Green
    Manufacturer: TopVue
    BC: 8.50
    DIA: 14.20
    Pack size: 2 lenses
    Power range: 0
    Expiration: 24 months and more
    Oxygen permeability: 28 Dk/t
    Replacement schedule: 30 Days
    Water content: 55%
    Lenses Material: Methafilcon A
    Extended or overnight wear: No
    Product name: TopVue Color
    UV filter: Yes

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    Gelone Eye Drops 10 ml

    Immediate and long-lasting relief

    • Soothes dry and sensitive eyes
    • Creates a film that protects the eyes
    • Can be used on all types of contact lenses
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