Total Care solution 120 ml

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Total Care Solution 120ml

Note: Do NOT use Total Care for soft contact lenses!

Blink Total Care is a solution intended for the care and storage of hard contact lenses. Thanks to Total Care, your rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses will stay clean, be more comfortable to wear and have a longer lifespan.

Always make sure to store your lenses in a case for hard contact lenses.

In order to properly clean your lenses, store them in said case with some Total Care solution for at least 6 hours. Replace that solution every 7 days. To avoid contaminating the solution, make sure to never touch the tip of the bottle. After opening, you can continue using the solution for up to 2 months.

Manufacturer: Amo
Volume: 120 ml
Expiration: 16 months and more
Usability after opening: 2 months
Preservatives: Yes


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Janet Morgan

How viscous is this product. I wear gas permeable toric varifocals lenses as I have a severe astigmatism as well as being long sited. I have used Boots Total solution - which is very thin,, almost watery consistency - for years but this is now being replaced by Boots Advanced. Which is far more viscous. I cannot use Boston as this is simply too thick and distorts the prescription Do you have any idea how viscous/thick your solution is, compared to either of these products? Do hope you can help! Regards, Janet


Hi Janet. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of this product has not provided any information in regards to its viscosity. If you continue to experience difficulty finding a suitable alternative to the ‚Boots Total Solution,‘ we would recommend consulting your optician. Thanks, Alensa