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TopVue Premium (6 lenses) TopVue Premium (6 lenses) TopVue Premium (6 lenses)

TopVue Premium (6 lenses)


Friday 19.1.

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TopVue Premium contact lenses are a new product from TopVue. These bi-weekly contact lenses are made from a new generation of silicone hydrogel, which has been modified to provide comfort and sharp vision for your eyes.
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Switched from my previous user and highly satisfied.




Very comfortable, and I notice an improvement over the monthly lenses.


Good lenses, and you can buy with confidence with the return guarantee. Luckily I didn't need to use it!


These lenses seem to resist dirt, etc better than others. Smog, dirt, etc doesn't bother my eyes quite so much with these. Must be a different material?


Superior lenses, and great service all around


No problems at all with these lenses. Cheap and comfortable, and that's all that matters. They have my recommendation.


I ordered these lenses in the afternoon, and I had them delivered within 48 hours, even with Royal Mail. Excellent service all around, many thanks.


Great service, cheap and fast delivery. I've recommended your company to friends, and they've all been just as pleased as I have. Many thanks.


Always in stock and delivered promptly. Couldn't ask for anything better.


I've been wearing these for about a month now, and I'm highly satisfied. Great quality for the price.


I ordered these because of the return policy- just thought I'd give them a go. But their wonderful lenses. Very durable yet comfortable in the eye.


I decided to give these lenses a go, and they're very comfortable. Your agent helped to expedite my delivery, so they arrived just before I left for holiday, which was wonderful.


Great new product from TopVue. After switching from Acuvue, I'm very happy with these.


Wonderful lesser-known brand, and truly comfortable all day long. Price cannot be beaten.


Wonderful, quality lenses. My eyes have never felt fresher. I recommend these wholeheartedly.

Rate the product:


Tried these for the first time recently. They're easy to put in and feel good for most of the day.


I love these

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TopVue Premium bi-weekly contact lenses

TopVue Premium bi-weekly contact lenses are a new product from TopVue. These 2 weekly contact lenses are made from a new generation of silicone hydrogel, which has been specially modified to provide the greatest comfort while wearing and also to eliminate eye irritation as a result of dry lenses.

Perfectly designed edges

TopVue lenses - perfectly designed edges

TopVue Contact Lenses boast very thin edges. The eyelid comes into contact with the lens edge whenever we blink. If the edge is thick, we are aware of the presence of the lens in our eye. Although a seldom-discussed factor, the lens edge is decisive for the comfort of wear.

Money back guarantee

If the contact lenses do not meet your expectations, you can return 4 unused lenses within 365 days of delivery including for a full refund. More information...

Daily Wear

TopVue Premium contact lenses are fortified by added sodium hyaluronate early in the production process. Sodium hyaluronate is gradually released during wear and keeps the lenses comfortable in the eyes, preventing undesirable dryness.

Sodium hyaluronate is one of the most effective lubricating substances, and it has absolute compatibility with the physiological environment of the eye. Therefore, it does not cause any discomfort or undesirable complications, as may be the case for other wetting agents. This substance is completely natural to humans and can be found in body fluids such as joint fluid and the vitreous humour, the gel filling of the eyeball.

All-day Hydration

TopVue lenses - brighten your view

The innovative material of TopVue Premium features a high water content. This high water content combined with the gradually released sodium hyaluronate creates a perfect hydration system. The hydration system helps keep the contact lenses moist and comfortable throughout the day. This effective water storage and hydration system also reduces deposits on the lens surface and helps to maintain the health of your eyes.

Maintaining Healthy Eyes

Innovative technological processing of silicone hydrogel materials provides TopVue Premium high breathability by transporting atmospheric oxygen to the cornea through microscopic channels. The ability to transfer oxygen (transmissibility) is 104 Dk / t in TopVue Premium. The hydrogel material in TopVue Premium contains 45% water content. Both the high breathability and high water content help TopVue Premium contact lenses supply the eyes with a sufficient amount of oxygen, which is an essential component for keeping your eyes healthy and functioning properly.

Power: from -12.00 to +8.00
Expiration: 48 months and more
Replacement schedule: 14 days
Lubrication with sodium hyaluronate: Yes
Material: Innofilcon A
Extended or overnight wear: No
Water content: 45%
Oxygen permeability: 104 Dk/t
DIA: 14.2
UV filter: No
Volume: 6 lenses
BC: 8.6
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TopVue Premium (6 lenses)

TopVue Premium (6 lenses)

TopVue Premium (6 lenses)

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