TopVue Daily (30 lenses) + Laim Moisture spray

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TopVue Daily (30 lenses)
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LAIM Moisture Eye Spray 15 ml
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TopVue Daily Contact Lenses

TopVue Daily contact lenses are made from an innovative hydrogel material that contains sodium hyaluronate and the PEG (polyethylenglycol) wetting agent, both of which ensure extraordinary moisture and maximum all-day comfort. Sodium hyaluronate, or hyaluronic acid, is a substance natural to the human body. Besides joints and other body parts, it can be found in the vitreous humour, the interior component of the eyeball.

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LAIM Moisture Eye Spray with Sodium Hyaluronate

LAIM Moisture Eye Spray stabilises the lipid layer of the tear film, enhances eye and eyelid lubrication, and ensures comfort and relief for users of soft contact lenses. The product is suitable for all contact lens wearers, but it is also used to alleviate symptoms related to dry eyes. It contains sodium hyaluronate, which is a naturally occurring moisturiser, and chamomile.

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Manufacturer: TopVue, Schalcon
BC: 8.50
DIA: 14.20
Pack size: 30 lenses
Replacement schedule: 1 Day
Volume: 15 ml
Expiration: 24 months and more, 6 months and more
Oxygen permeability: 26 Dk/t
Water content: 58%
Usability after opening: 6 months
Lenses Material: Etafilcon A
Power range: from -12.00 to +4.00
Extended or overnight wear: No
Product name: TopVue Daily
Contains Sodium hyaluronate: Yes
Preservatives: Yes
Can be used with contact lenses: Yes
UV filter: Yes


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