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TopVue Color Daily - plano (10 lenses)

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TopVue Color Daily - plano (10 lenses)

TopVue Color Daily Lenses

TopVue Color Daily coloured contact lenses are designed to be discarded after one day’s wear. Daily lenses are the simplest and healthiest option for contact lens wear, as they are discarded before bacteria and deposits form on the lenses. TopVue Color are made from an advanced hydrogel material with a water content of 43%, so they adapt easily to the eye and remain comfortable throughout the day. These lenses are also equipped with embedded UV filters to protect against harmful UV radiation. TopVue Color lenses are not intended for extended or continuous wear and must be removed before sleeping.

Plano lenses do not provide vision correction and are intended for cosmetic purposes. Daily lenses are ideal for contact lens beginners or those interested in occasional wear because they don't require cleaning, solutions, or other maintenance.

If you wish to switch to a more cost-effective option, we suggest our TopVue Color monthly version for a very low cost-per-wear alternative. Or, you can shop our full range of contact lenses here.

New to contact lenses? Our guide to starting with contact lenses has everything you need to know, including tips for inserting and removing lenses.

TopVue Color lenses are also available in power variant.

Technology and Quality

During the production process, the lenses are tested and checked four times according to the strictest quality control protocol. TopVue Color are produced using the patented Radial Edge technology, which gives the lenses uniformly thin edges for maximum comfort. These thin edges help reduce friction when blinking.

The lenses’ three-tone technology means the color is applied in several layers and shades during the production process in order to achieve a natural appearance. These tones include a dark ring that makes the eyes look bigger and the colour bolder.

The Resulting Effect

Just as no two eyes are identical, the effects of coloured contacts will also vary from person to person. The effects of TopVue Color lenses will be influenced by the natural color of your eyes, the color of clothing and accessories, and the overall lighting conditions. Do keep in mind that, in general, lighter eye shades are easier to change with coloured contacts than darker natural eye shades.

This packages contains 10 coloured lenses and is ideal for testing a new look or for special occasions. Like all TopVue products, TopVue Color lenses are subject to our Money-back guarantee.

Manufacturer: TopVue
BC: 8.60
DIA: 14.20
Pack size: 10 lenses
Power range: 0 , from -10.00 to +6.00
Replacement schedule: 1 Day
Expiration: 24 months and more
Water content: 43%
Extended or overnight wear: No
Lenses Material 2: Polyhema
UV filter: Yes

Reviews (2)

Fayth Jackson

Most comfortable colour lenses that i've used.

Paty Kowalski

Really like these lenses. You really notice the change in eye colour and they are super convenient daily lenses. Even though my natural eye colour is brown, the change in eye colour when wearing these is great.

Comments (1)

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Love the grey. Very striking. Got a bit dry during the day, but overall nice.

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