TopVue Air for Astigmatism (6 lenses)

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TopVue Air for Astigmatism Toric Contact Lenses

TopVue Air for Astigmatism are innovative toric contact lenses made from an advanced silicone-hydrogel material. TopVue Air for Astigmatism are characterised by their high oxygen permeability and water content. Both of these features help ensure comfort and clarity of vision. The progressive design of TopVueAir for Astigmatism ensures stable positioning of the lenses on the eyes for perfect vision throughout the day. This package contains six lenses.

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Manufacturer: TopVue
BC: 8.60
DIA: 14.20
Pack size: 6 lenses
Oxygen permeability: 100 Dk/t
Expiration: 24 months and more
Replacement schedule: 30 Days
Water content: 45%
Cylinder extra power: from -0.75 to -2.25
Power range: from -12.00 to +6.00
Lenses Material: Innofilcon A
Extended or overnight wear: No
UV filter: No
Product name: TopVue Air for Astigmatism
Contains Sodium hyaluronate: Yes


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Do you have any questions


Can these be left in for 30 days or days or do they need to be removed for sleeping


Hi Chris. These lenses are not approved for extended or overnight wear. They should be removed each day, and properly stored. Thanks, Alensa


Really dissatisfied with these lenses unfortunately. Feels like grit in my eyes and can’t wear comfortably for more than an hour.


What is astigmatism ?


Hi, Andrea, Astigmatism is a deformation of your eye in which your eye's lens is irregular. It is corrected by a cylinder and axis value explicit on your prescription.

Thanks, Alensa

Sam Jones

I'm a big fan of these lenses. 10% off for Christmas was much appreciated.