Set a reminder for your next order of contact lenses

Keep your eyes healthy and set up a reminder for your contact lens order

Stop worrying about forgetting to order your contact lenses or accessories by setting up a "reminder for the next purchase" .

What are the benefits?

  • the freedom of no longer having to think about your next order
  • no longer having to damage your eye health because of contact lens overwear
  • the peace of mind that comes from not having to stress out about forgotten or late orders
  • the convenience of getting to choose how to receive your reminders

How to ensure proper eye health for yourself?

If you are not yet registered, just go ahead and register in order to set up a reminder for your next purchase via your profile.

Choose how to receive notifications from us. You can select notifications by E-mail, SMS and you can even create a reminder in your Calendar. You're able to pick multiple options, which might be useful if you're especially forgetful.

Reminder guide available types

Next, set a specific Date of Reminder, from the calendar. Ideally, set the alert at least 3 days before your last pack of contact lenses runs out. Repeat this procedure if you want to set a reminder, for example, half a year in advance. You can set up as many reminders as you like, be it for different dates, intervals, etc.

Reminder guide datepicker

Don't forget to check if your Contact Details are correct. If you see the wrong email address or phone number for your reminder, just click the Change button next to them and edit. For SMS notifications, be sure to save a mobile phone number on your profile

Reminder guide contact data

Once everything for your next purchase reminder has been correctly set up, including the right contact information, click the Save Reminder button.

Reminder guide send button

You can check all of your reminders in your Reminder Overview

Reminder guide set reminders

One last tip from us:

Another benefit for registered users is that we remember your previous purchase for you. So, once you've received one of your purchase reminders , just click repeat your last order and that's it. No need to remember the brand or power of your lenses! Life couldn't get easier than that.