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Schalcon Lens Solutions

Schalcon is the largest Italian company on the contact lens market and produces our popular Laim-Care solution and drops. Laim-Care solutions are multipurpose cleaning solutions for the disinfection and storage of all types of soft contact lenses. This unique solution was the first on the market to contain hyaluronic acid, which is the body’s natural lubricating substance. The addition of hyaluronic acid to the solution formula helps moisturise contact lenses ensuring all-day comfort and clarity. Also available from Schalcon are Laim-Care Gel eye drops. They are designed to increase comfort when wearing contact lenses by moisturising the eye and the contact lenses.

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Laim-Care lens solution

We offer Laim-Care solution in different sized packs for your convenience. Laim-Care is a multipurpose cleaning solution for the disinfection and storage of soft contact lenses. The first advantage of this solution is that it contains hyaluronic acid. This natural lubricating substance helps keep contact lenses moist so they remain comfortable and clear throughout the day and is also an effective antibacterial agent. Laim-Care solution is suitable for people with sensitive eyes, or those who suffer from dry eyes or persistent redness. Plus, every full-sized bottle comes with a free antibacterial contact lens case.

Laim-Care Gel Eye drops

These gel eye drops help soothe tired and irritated eyes. Laim-Care Gel eye drops contain hyaluronic acid, which is a moisturising component naturally occurring in the eye. The gel drops adhere to the surface of the eye and provide long-lasting relief. If you’ve been exposed to wind, dry or dusty weather or just seasonal allergens, Laim-Care Gel eye drops can help minimize discomfort.

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