ReNu MultiPlus Solution 360 ml

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Properties - ReNu MultiPlus Solution 360 ml

Manufacturer: Bausch and Lomb
Solution type: Universal
Volume: 360 ml
Usability after opening: 3 months
Expiration: 6 months and more
Preservatives: Yes
Medical Device: Yes


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Hanna Buccho

Lenses are as good as new with this solution


Great all-purpose solution. Cleans well, and lenses always feel fresh, even at the end of the month.


This solution was recommended to me by optician. cleans well and is at good value.


Hello, I wonder how long does this 360 ml bottle last. Is that enough for 2 packages of Biofinity contact lenses? Thanks


Hi Anna,

360 ml should be enough, however, you should not exceed determined 90-days period by the manufacturer from the day you opened the bottle. Have a nice day!