PureVision Multi-Focal (6 lenses)
PureVision Multi-Focal (6 lenses) - Bausch and Lomb
PureVision Multi-Focal (6 lenses) PureVision Multi-Focal (6 lenses) PureVision Multi-Focal (6 lenses)

PureVision Multi-Focal (6 lenses)


Thursday 14.12.

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Been using Alcon DAILIES Aqua Comfort PLUS multifocal for 3 months and they are brilliant, excellent reading and distance. I am very disappointed with PureVision Multi-Focal continuous wear, although these are the same prescription I find distance vision very blurry at all times and they become uncomfortable towards the end of the day. I wish I hadn't bought 6 months supply!

PureVision Multi-Focal Monthly Contact Lenses

PureVision Multi-Focal contact lenses by Bausch and Lomb are designed to correct presbyopia or age-related long-sightedness. They are made from silicone hydrogel material which provides the user with the benefits of healthy wear. They are recommended by the producer (upon agreement with an eye specialist) for continuous wear with a monthly replacement schedule. Package contains 6 lenses.

We also recommend the newly released Purevision 2 for Presbyopia monthly contact lenses.

Clear Vision at All Distances

These contact lenses simplify focusing at middle distances and enable very good vision even at far distances. PureVision Multi-Focal contact lenses allow those afflicted by presbyopia, whose vision could have been until recently corrected only by glasses, to enjoy the sight of the world without glasses.

Power: from -10.00 to +6.00
Expiration: 32 months and more
Replacement schedule: 30 days
Material: Balafilcon A
Extended or overnight wear: Yes
Water content: 36%
Oxygen permeability: 112 Dk/t
DIA: 14.0
UV filter: No
Volume: 6 lenses
Manufacturer: Bausch and Lomb
BC: 8.6
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PureVision Multi-Focal (6 lenses)

PureVision Multi-Focal (6 lenses)

PureVision Multi-Focal (6 lenses)

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