Orange Twilight contact lenses - power - ColourVue Crazy (2 coloured lenses)

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    Orange Twilight contact lenses - power - ColourVue Crazy (2 coloured lenses)

    Cosmetic coloured lenses with power

    Dioptric coloured lenses are coloured lenses that have a power and are intended to correct your vision. Corrective lenses are typically prescribed by an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. The prescription consists of all the specifications necessary to make the lens. Prescriptions typically include the power specifications of each lens (for each eye). So even when ordering dioptric coloured lenses, you will need to know your prescribed parameters.

    About ColourVUE Crazy Lens

    Crazy lenses are coloured contact lenses. These coloured lenses are specifically designed to cover your natural eye colour with unique, popular, and fantastical patterns. These lenses are ideal for costumes, cosplay, and events like Halloween. They are produced with a variety of replacement schedules but, with proper care, usually last quite long. Crazy lenses are definitely the best choice to put the finishing touches on an amazing look.

    ColourVUE Crazy Lens - Twilight - with power

    This Twilight design might just help you achieve the perfect cosplay or costume look. This specific colour was pulled from the vampire protagonists of the Twilight series films. It covers your natural colour with an amber brown/gold surrounded by a darker ring. In order for this new colour not to get lost, it’s best to pair these lenses with a pale complexion or make-up. In any case, feel free to match these golden lenses with any outfit you see fit and enjoy being the centre of attention!

    About ColourVue Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses

    These colourful and playful contact lenses are manufactured by MaxVue Vision and are a staple for all those searching for something fun to wear for Halloween, cosplay, at a party, etc. ColourVUE Crazy Lens are quarterly (3 months) coloured lenses with a dioptric correction capable of covering your natural eye colour with a unique pattern or colour .

    Caring for ColourVUE Crazy Lenses

    After first use, these lenses will be usable for up to 90 days, after which they need to be disposed of. Contrary to cosmetic lenses without power, these lenses unfortunately don't last as long. However, in order to guarantee comfortable wear, it’s important to properly and consistently care for these lenses during this extended period of use. Clean and store the lenses using a high-quality multi-purpose contact lens solution. (Don't use peroxide!) Don’ leave the lenses in the same solution for longer than 5 days. Every 5 days, repeat the regular cleaning process and store the lenses in fresh solution. And don’t forget to replace the lens case, in which you’re keeping these lenses, every three months. If these lenses are not properly cared for, there is no guarantee they will remain comfortable.

    Colour: Orange, Special
    Manufacturer: Maxvue Vision
    BC: 8.60
    DIA: 14.00
    Pack size: 2 lenses
    Expiration: 12 months and more
    Oxygen permeability: 22 Dk/t
    Water content: 45%
    Replacement schedule: 90 Days
    Product name: ColourVUE Crazy Lens
    Power range: from -6.00 to -1.00
    Lenses Material: Hydrogel Terpolymer
    Extended or overnight wear: No
    UV filter: No

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    Do you have any questions


    Do you do lenses in any + for the power


    Hi, Neil, Yes, we do for our TopVue Colour lenses. Please check here:…ric/m-topvue

    Thanks, Alensa


    Hi i have a different prescription in each eye do I have to order 2 different pairs or can I get 2 prescriptions to 1 order?


    Hi, Claire, Yes, for two prescriptions, you'll need to order two boxes -one prescription for one box! Just click "+ select prescription for second eye" under the first prescription.

    Thanks, Alensa

    Luke Edwards

    Hi, I want to order a pair of these contact lenses but I don't need a prescription as my vision is fine? Many thanks, Luke


    Hi, Luke, In this case, please order the plano version here:…oured-lenses

    Thanks, Alensa