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Options Multi Solution 2x360 ml

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Options Multi-solution effectively disinfects, cleans, and lubricates soft contact lenses. Its composition is highly similar to that of human tears, so it's gentle enough for sensitive eyes. Each bottle comes with a lens case.


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This economy package contains two 360ml bottles of Gelone Solution, complete with two antibacterial cases. Gelone solution is suitable for those with sensitive eyes and those affected by allergies and redness.

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Options Multi Contact Lens Solution

Options Multi Solution is a new product by CooperVision. Options Multi has an exceptional disinfecting, cleaning, and lubricating efficiency, and its ingredients are uniquely similar to human tears. As a result, it is gentle on even the most sensitive eyes. This package contains two 360 ml bottles with two lens cases. Use within 90 days of first opening the bottle.

Effective moisturising and cleansing substances

The solution contains two unique substances that will keep your contact lenses hydrated and free of debris. The surface-active substances have a double effect: They coat the surface of contact lenses in a layer of water that keeps them moist and repels debris. This guarantees all-day comfort.

No need to rub

Options Multi solution cleans lenses and removes impurities without the need to rub the lenses in your palm before and after wearing. If not rubbed, the lenses must be placed in a case with Options Multi solution for at least six hours to achieve optimal disinfection. Most experts still recommend rubbing the lens in your palm with solution, as it is the most effective way to remove deposits. Please consult with your eye-care professional before beginning to use Options Multi solution.

NOTE: We often receive inquiries as to which solution offers the best care for the new generation of silicone-hydrogel contact lenses like Biofinity, Purevision, Acuvue Oasys or Air Optix Aqua. The quality of the solution has an immediate effect on the comfort and length of wearing time of contact lenses, regardless of the type or brand that you wear. Just as individual users display a different degree of tolerance for different brands of contact lenses, their tolerance for different brands of solutions also differs.

Manufacturer: CooperVision
Solution type: Universal
Volume: 2x360 ml
Expiration: 24 months and more
Usability after opening: 3 months
Contains Sodium hyaluronate: No




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