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OPTI-FREE PureMoist Solution 2 x 300 ml

OPTI-FREE PureMoist Solution is a multi-purpose solution suitable for disinfecting, cleaning, and storing silicone-hydrogel contact lenses. The solution contains HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix. Package contains two 300 ml bottles.

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OPTI-FREE PureMoist Solution 2 x 300 ml
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OPTI-FREE PureMoist contact lens solution

New OPTI-FREE PureMoist Solution is a multi-purpose solution by ALCON suitable for disinfecting, cleaning, rinsing, moisturizing and storing silicone hydrogel and soft contact lenses. The solution contains HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix. It provides up to 16 hours of moist lenses, which enhances the comfort of contact lens wear.

The effective, but gentle formula of OPTI-FREE PureMoist Solution efficiently removes lipids and proteins and kills germs. A pack of OPTI-FREE PureMoist Solution 2×300 ml includes two contact lens cases . The solution can be used within 6 months of first opening the bottle.

We also sell this multi-purpose solution in a pack of 90 ml, 300 ml, 3 x 300 ml (the bigger package = the better price).

A two-step cleaning process

Opti-Free PureMoist operates on the basis of a two-phase cleaning system, wherein the lenses are disinfected and impurities are removed.

1) Disinfection phase

During the disinfection process, microorganisms (bacteria, yeast, and mold) are dissolved with the help of POLYQUAD and ALDOXIME substances. These components of the solution do not interfere with the sensitive eye tissue and eye environment.

2) Removing deposits

During the cleaning phase, citrate and sodium editate help to remove sediments, organic deposits, and limescale.

Composition: sodium citrate, sodium chloride, sodium borate, aminomethyl propanol, sorbitol, disodium EDTA, and two moistening substances – TETRONIC and HydraGlyde, which includes a preservative substance called POLYQUAD.


Expiration: 16 months and more
Lubrication with sodium hyaluronate: No
Solution type: Multipurpose
Volume: 2 x 300 ml
Manufacturer: Alcon

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