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Money-back Guarantee for contact lenses

Money-back Guarantee

We offer a money-back guarantee for TopVue contact lenses

We encourage you to give TopVue contact lenses a try! If you're not satisfied, we will reimburse you for the entire pack, as long as you return it to us within 60 days of purchase and if the conditions listed below are met.

First, please contact our customer service representatives by phone or email at info@alensa.co.uk. Our staff can advise if your request meets our exchange criteria and will describe the return process in detail to you.

ATTENTION: avoid sending lenses without contacting our customer service first. Alensa cannot take responsibility for lost parcels in cases in which we weren’t made aware that a return was made in the first place.

Conditions for refund:

  • This guarantee applies only to TopVue products!
  • Please note, our special 10+10 TopVue promotion is NOT applicable for the Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Returned lenses must be undamaged, packed well, and sent according to our exchange and return policy.
  • The shipment must contain a proof of purchase issued by Alensa.co.uk.
  • The guarantee cannot be applied in any case of misuse and/or abuse, e.g. repeatedly returning contact lenses of the same type and parameters.
  • Postage for returned TopVue contact lenses is to be covered by the buyer.
  • You will be refunded the amount paid regardless of any subsequent changes in the price of the product.
  • The shipment must contain the required number of contact lenses – see the following table:
The purchased package The number of lenses to be returned
TopVue Daily (180 lenses) 172 undamaged lenses
TopVue Daily (90 lenses) 86 undamaged lenses
TopVue Daily (30 lenses) 26 undamaged lenses
TopVue Daily (10 lenses) 8 undamaged lenses
TopVue Elite+ (180 lenses) 172 undamaged lenses
TopVue Elite+ (90 lenses) 86 undamaged lenses
TopVue Elite+ (30 lenses) 26 undamaged lenses
TopVue Elite+ (10 lenses) 8 undamaged lenses
TopVue One+ (90 lenses) 86 undamaged lenses
TopVue One+ (30 lenses) 26 undamaged lenses
TopVue Air (6 lenses) 4 undamaged lenses
TopVue Premium (12 lenses) 10 undamaged lenses
TopVue Premium (6 lenses) 4 undamaged lenses
TopVue Monthly (6 lenses) 4 undamaged lenses
TopVue Monthly Plus (6 lenses) 4 undamaged lenses
TopVue Bi-weekly (6 lenses) 4 undamaged lenses
TopVue Premium for Astigmatism (6 lenses) 4 undamaged lenses
TopVue Premium for Astigmatism (3 lenses) 2 undamaged lenses
TopVue Air Multifocal (6 lenses) 4 undamaged lenses
TopVue Air Multifocal (3 lenses) 2 undamaged lenses
TopVue Air for Astigmatism (6 lenses) 4 undamaged lenses
TopVue Air for Astigmatism (3 lenses) 2 undamaged lenses
TopVue Color (10 lenses) – Power 8 undamaged lenses
TopVue Color (10 lenses) -Plano 8 undamaged lenses
TopVue Color (2 lenses) – Power 1 undamaged lens
TopVue Color (2 lenses) – Plano 1 undamaged lens
TopVue Blue Blocker (180 lenses) 172 undamaged lenses
TopVue Blue Blocker (90 lenses) 86 undamaged lenses
TopVue Blue Blocker (30 lenses) 26 undamaged lenses

Return address:

Please return your TopVue lenses in a sturdy box–to ensure they will not be damaged during transit, please do not use an envelope–to the following address.

Money-back Guarantee map point Alensa.co.uk
Unit 51
219 Walworth Road
Elephant & Castle
SE17 1RL

Make sure you receive a track and trace receipt for your return as proof of returning the parcel! Our customer service department will ask you about this if you suspect that something went wrong with your return.

Be sure to include your own address (sender's address) on the back of each package sent back to us! In a worst-case scenario, this will ensure that the package is safely sent back to the customer and will not become lost in the mail.

Please also specify whether you would like to use your refund for another purchase with us or if you simply want the amount refunded.

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