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Antibacterial Barrel Lens Case

The MicroBlock Barrel Lens Case by Alcon is intended to provide easier handling of contact lenses. You do not have to use tongs, tweezers or other tools to take the lenses out of the case with this unique basket design. It is not intended for use with peroxide-based solutions.

This barrel-style case is an alternative to the traditional flat cases with two separate bowls, and some users find it easier to handle lenses when removing them from the case's baskets. Cases like this one are only necessary to store monthly and bi-weekly lenses that require overnight storage and cleaning.

Proper lens care also requires a high-quality contact lens solution, and we're proud to offer all of the most popular brands on the UK market.

Accessories color: Blue, Transparent, White


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Hi, I just received this case and am surprised how big it is - it looks much smaller on the picture. Is it necessary to change a solution every day? I am afraid my solution consumption would be enormous.




In relation to the barrel case, this is quite big and you may use a little more solution than normal but the volume is not as big as you think so you will not run out of solution too quickly. In terms of using solution everyday, yes it is necessary that you follow this procedure to ensure the safety and hygiene of your eyes.