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LAIM Moisture Eye Spray 15 ml

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LAIM Moisture Eye Spray 15 ml
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LAIM Moisture Eye Spray with Sodium Hyaluronate

LAIM Moisture Eye Spray stabilizes the lipid layer of the tear film, enhances eye and eyelid lubrication and ensures comfort for users of soft hydrogels and silicone hydrogels. The product is suitable for all contact lens wearers, but it is also used for the treatment of dry eye condition and insufficient build-up of the lipid layer. It contains an outstanding wetting agent, sodium hyaluronate, and it is scented with chamomille extract.

Modern application technology

LAIM Moisture Eye Spray is sprayed on the closed eyelid from a distance of 10 cm (In case, that you use makeup, which is not waterproof, apply the spray from a distance of 20 cm). Thanks to a modern technology relying on the transport ability of liposomes, active agents of LAIM Moisture Eye Spray penetrate to the eye through the closed eyelid.

Long-term use

Thanks to a breakthrough atomizer technology with antibacterial filter, the product can be used until the expiry date no matter when it was opened. LAIM Moisture Eye Spray lasts 3.5 as long as similar products of competitors. If you do not use eye drops regularly, you no longer have to dispose of almost full eye drop bottles only because they have been open for several weeks.


Expiration: 16 months and more
Lubrication with sodium hyaluronate: Yes
Volume: 15 ml
Manufacturer: SCHALCON S.p.A.

Product reviews

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  • Christine Melton

    Can you recommend this eye spray for dry eyes? I have chronic dryness and it's such a hassle to apply drops constantly. Thanks.

    Comment added 09.03.2016

    Hello Christine, Laim is an excellent dry eye eyelid spray. We love it because you don't need a mirror to apply it, and your eye makeup stays intact. And, of course, it does provide great relief from dry eyes in a variety of conditions.

    Comment added 11.03.2016
  • Rhiannon

    Very pleasant to use. Easier and less messy than regular eye drops.

    Comment added 26.01.2016
  • Carter

    Great spray for dry eyes. Really helpful at work.

    Comment added 15.01.2016
  • Skye

    Really refreshing, and keeps my eyes from becoming too tired when I'm on the computer.

    Comment added 28.07.2015
  • Pat

    1000x better than drops. Really great product; works just as well as drops, but without the mess.

    Comment added 26.06.2015
  • Melanie

    Miracle product! My makeup stayed intact, too.

    Comment added 27.05.2015
  • Budd

    I never knew it could be so cool to use a spray instead of drops. It saves time as well:)

    Comment added 07.05.2015

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