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iWear Contact Lenses Brand Alternatives

Are you looking for your iWear contact lenses on Alensa? Can't seem to find them? That's because those contacts are also sold under their more common, manufacturer names. Many high street opticians and optical shops offer their own brands of contact lenses, such as iWear, which you may be familiar with. These are usually repackaged, private label alternative versions of brand-name lenses from trusted producers. Some iWear lenses are produced by Alcon.

Buying brand-name lenses allows you to compare for the best quality and price without being tied to a single shop.

Check the table below to find your iWear lenses and their brand-name equivalent or alternative:

*iWear Free is Focus Dailies All Day Comfort under a different trademark
*iWear Extra is Dailies AquaComfort Plus under a different trademark
*iWear Extra Presbyopia is Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocal under a different trademark
iWear Air
*iWear Air is Air Optix Aqua under a different trademark
*iWear Air Astigmatism is Air Optix for Astigmatism under a different trademark
iWear Air Presbyopia
*iWear Air Presbyopia is Air Optix Aqua Multifocal under a different trademark
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Craig Dickman

Hi, What are your equivalent lenses for Clariti 1 day by coopervision Thanks


Hi, Craig, Unfortunately, right now we only provide information on alternatives for Alcon lenses, so any Coopervision alternative products are not available at the moment.

Thanks, Alensa

Audrey Grahame

Hi Do you do an equivalent to Dailies Total One? Thankyou

Maureen lynn

How do I order lenses from you if my prescription is -3.50. -0.75 x030 for the right eye and -2.75 -1.25 x160 for the left eye


Hi, Maureen, Please contact our customer service department!

Thanks, Alensa

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