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Contact lenses without prescription

With, you can order contact lenses without providing a copy of your prescription. By agreeing to our terms and conditions upon placing your order, you are affirming that you are in possession of a valid prescription, which must be no more than 12 months old.

We strongly recommend having an eye examination at least once per year to ensure that there has been no change in your vision or overall eye health. Your optician is legally obligated to provide you with a copy of your prescription after your eye exam and lens fitting, and you may use this to purchase lenses from the retailer of your choice.

Before ordering, we ask that you ensure your prescription is up to date, and that you only purchase lenses that have been prescribed or suggested by your eye-care professional. To avoid any possible discomfort or issues with the fit of the lenses, it’s important not to deviate from your optician’s advice.

Please note that your prescription for glasses is not sufficient to order contact lenses. A contact lens exam and fitting requires different eye tests, and the resulting measurements of your eye will be significantly different than those required for glasses. Please visit your optician first if you wish to try contact lenses for the first time.

Note: will not accept liability for any incident that may occur due to deviation from your prescription, lens manufacturer or brand.


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