HYLO-GEL Eye Drops 10 ml

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Properties - HYLO-GEL Eye Drops 10 ml

Manufacturer: Ursapharm
Volume: 10 ml
Usability after opening: 6 months
Preservatives: No
Contains Sodium hyaluronate: Yes
Can be used with contact lenses: Yes
Medical Device: Yes


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Comments (24)

Do you have any questions

Hello Can you deliver it to Canada? I am not able to enter International address in the shipping field.

Answer info@alensa.co.uk


Unfortunately we do not deliver to Canada at this moment!


Hi, what's the expiry date for the current lot? Planning to buy a few bottles. Thanks.

Answer info@alensa.co.uk

Dear Customer,

Please note the expiration date of this product is at least 6 months. After opening this product it can only be used for 6 months, then after this period the bottle of eye drops needs to be discarded.

Your Alensa-Team

Jennifer Homer

How long does a bottle of hylo gel last? Is it a different formula than the Hylo night gel or are they the same thing?

Answer info@alensa.co.uk


It depend how often you use it, we would love recommend the best eye drops for you personally! To do this we need to know more about the kind of drops you need, feel free to get in touch at info@alensa.co.uk we will be more than happy to help!

Susie Wisdom

how many times a day can these be used

Answer info@alensa.co.uk

Hi Susie. For individual dosage requirements, please consult your optician. Regular usage is one drop three times a day, with at least half an hour in between applications. Thanks, Alensa


Please can you forward a list of ingredients as I would like to rule out this product from causing swelling around my eyes in the morning. I am aware that I am allergic to some chemicals.

Answer info@alensa.co.uk

Hi Anita. Please contact our customer service department at info@alensa.co.uk for more information regarding this product. Thanks, Alensa

Jurgen Philipp

Do you deliver to France?

Answer info@alensa.co.uk

Hi Jurgen. Yes, we do. You must place your order through https://www.alensa.fr/. Thanks, Alensa


Can i use this for corneal abbrasion . Have been using hylo night gel by my opticians but can only now find the ointment and not the gel

Answer info@alensa.co.uk

Hi Marianne. In this case, we would recommend consulting your eye care professional prior to choosing an alternative to your usual product. Thanks, Alensa

Gail Moreau

do you deliver to canada and if yes, what is cost of delivery? thank you

Answer info@alensa.co.uk

Hi Gail. Unfortunately, we do not yet deliver to Canada. Thanks, Alensa

Annie Dutton

Is this product preservative free?

Answer info@alensa.co.uk

Hi Annie. Yes, it is. Thanks, Alensa


How can i order?

Answer info@alensa.co.uk

Hi Jack. Please contact our customer service department at info@alensa.co.uk. Thanks, Alensa

Andrew Mcgovern

HI do you ship to Jersey in the Channel Islands?

Answer info@alensa.co.uk

Hi, Andrew,

We do, in fact, ship to the Channel Islands.



Will you be shipping to U.K. after Brexit?

Answer info@alensa.co.uk

Hi, Yes, we will be.


Tony Fernandes

I have been using drops / gels for dry eyes for past 10 years as I suffer from chronic dry eyes. My eye specialist prescribed Hylo San Dual, which did not provide me with total relief. I tried Hylo Gel last night and in the morning, and for the first time I woke up without burning and painful eyes, and I have not had any pain or dryness throughout today. I very much recommend Hylo Gel. This is the best product for dry eyes nothing better.

Ruth Day

Are they alright for dry and watery eyes?

Answer info@alensa.co.uk

Hi, Ruth, Yes, these eye drops are applicable for dry and watery eyes.

Thanks, Alensa

R. Morrison

Are HYLO Gel eye drops available on the NHS.

Answer info@alensa.co.uk

Hi, As we are not based in the United Kingdom--and do not know the machinations of the National Health Service-- we do not have the capability of answering this specific question.

Thanks, Alensa

Zafrir Geva

hello Do you ship to Israel?

Answer info@alensa.co.uk

Hi, Zafrir, Unfortunately, we do not yet ship to Israel. However, we have very concrete future plans to expand to Israel, so please stay tuned!

Thanks, Alensa


Been suffering from a reflux issue over the past year, but also started getting very dry eyes, but they appear watery. In the sunlight they are sometimes blurry too, so find I need to wear sunglasses more often. I'm a 55 year old female so assume it could b a hormonal trigger.

Ann Clayton

Although I have used the hi lo gel drops before, Iam not able to open the bottle and can find no English instructions as to how to accomplish this. Help please Thanks Ann Clayton

Answer info@alensa.co.uk

Hi, Ann, Please contact our customer service department! Thanks, Alensa

Mrs Norton

Hi , I actually live in Hong Kong and have to use these drops several times a day due to very dry eyes. My husband is going back to our house in Middlesbrough next week and the Hylo Gel drops are a lot cheaper on your website to what I have to pay in HK . However I couldn't find how to order more than one box on your site . If I ordered 3 boxes what would the postage by Royal Mail be please to our house in the UK please

Answer info@alensa.co.uk

Hi, Postage will be £4.90 with a Royal Mail delivery time-frame of 2-3 days, regardless of quantity of boxes ordered. For orders over £49, delivery is free. In order to order more than one box, please select your desired quantity from the drop-down menu which should be on the far left; please note, however, that as long as we have at least one box of your desired power, it will be marked as "in-stock" regardless of the desired quantity. If you would like to know if we have your desired number of boxes in our stock, please email info@alensa.co.uk to be sure.

Thanks, Alensa


Hi do you ship to Canada?

Answer info@alensa.co.uk

Hi, Tom, Unfortunately, we are currently EU-based, so we would not be able to ship to Canada. However, we are always expanding into new markets, so hopefully we will have more optimistic news for you soon!

Thanks, Alensa


Is the formulation identical for Hylo Forte and Hylo Gel?

Answer info@alensa.co.uk

Hi, David, We would have to ask the manufacturer. Please contact Alensa Customer Support.

Thanks, Alensa

Ellen Sakavani

Regular user of eye drops from Hylogel. Fantastic !

Sally Platt

Always order these when i get my lenses. Keep my eyes moist when i'm working long hours.

Travis Smith

Been using these for many a year. Great product.