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HYLO-COMOD Eye Drops 10 ml

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Monday 23.4.


Hylo-Comod eye drops help relieve discomfort associated with dry and irritated eyes. Hylo-Comod's preser­vative-free formula is gentle and mimics the effects of natural human tears.


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HYLO-COMOD Moisturising Eye Drops

HYLO-COMOD are lubricant eye drops developed by the pharmaceutical company Ursapharm to provide optimal moisture for dry and irritated eyes.

Ideal for sensitive eyes

HYLO-COMOD eye drops do not contain preservatives or phosphates, which can cause irritation of the sensitive eye tissue, so they are exceptionally gentle. They can be used without a medical prescription with all types of soft contact lenses. These drops contain the moisturising agent known as hyaluronic acid, which is important for maintaining the regenerative properties of the cornea.

Content of hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a substance fully compatible with the human body and can be found in tears, joint fluid and the eyeball. It forms a protective cover on the surface of the eye, which prevents dryness and ensures that the corneal cells are sufficiently moist.

How to use HYLO-COMOD eye drops

HYLO-COMOD eye drops provide relief from feelings of pressure, burning and dryness in the eyes. They are also suitable for wetting contact lenses. These drops are suitable to be used as often as needed for comfort. After opening the bottle, it is necessary to discontinue use and discard within six weeks.

The patented COMOD® system

Each bottle of HYLO-COMOD eye drops features a special COMOD® applicator, which eliminates the possibility of contamination by micro-organisms and also ensures accurate dosing with every use.

Expiration: 16 months and more
Volume: 10 ml
Manufacturer: Ursapharm

Reviews (2)

Connor Benjamin

For a long time i've suffered with dry eyes and slight irritation. This helps me deal with it. My eyes feel alot more hydrated when using these.

Harry Ruka

Best price i've seen for this. Always good to add it to my basket when shopping online. Helps keep my eyes functioning after a long day.

Comments (1)

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The best eye drops I have ever used, I'd recommend that to everyone who suffers with dry eyes like me

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