Hyal-Drop Multi Eye Drops 10 ml
Hyal-Drop Multi Eye Drops 10 ml
Hyal-Drop Multi Eye Drops 10 ml Hyal-Drop Multi Eye Drops 10 ml

Hyal-Drop Multi Eye Drops 10 ml


Friday 19.1.

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Mark Crathorne

Awful, ever since Alensa introduced the new dispenser, which simply DOESN'T WORK. It faults are: 1) you have to pump 'n' times before a drop comes out; 2) then the drop comes out at an angle, so misses one's eye, which is a waste of an expensive product; 3) the new nozzle is tiny and sharp and really quite dangerous as it can inadvertently poke oneself in the eye. The former system was simple, functional and the nozzle was much bigger, so there was not chance of accidentally jabbing oneself in the eye.


hi, can I order hyal drop? hope still available on store ? Regards Ivo

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Hyal-Drop Multi Lubricant Eye Drops

Hyal-Drop Multi are lubricant eye drops manufactured by Bausch and Lomb that were specifically developed to mimic natural human tears. They provide relief and comfort for irritated and dry eyes and can also be used to moisten all kinds of soft contact lenses.

Natural moisturising without preservatives

Hyal-Drop Multi eye drops do not contain preservatives, so they may be used as needed without restrictions. The active moisturising component of these drops is hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) – a substance that occurs naturally in the human body and is one of the components of human tears.

The patented application system

Hyal-Drop Multi’s bottle features a patented application mechanism to ensure easy handling and exact dosing while maintaining the sterility of the applicator. This helps to minimise the possibility of contamination.

How do Hyal-Drop Multi eye drops work?

Hyal-Drop Multi eye drops are suitable for anyone suffering from dry or irritated eyes. They help to stabilise the tear film of the eye, thereby preventing dryness and irritation. They also help protect against negative environmental effects such as smog, wind, air conditioning or dusty air. The drops can be used for 3 months after first opening.

Do you suffer from dry or red eyes?

Hyal-Drop Multi eye drops help prevent the unpleasant sensations associated with dry eyes. They provide sufficient lubrication for contact lenses, especially in windy or cold weather or in dusty and dry environments.

Apply the eye drops slowly and carefully whenever you have an unpleasant sensation or irritation in the eyes.

Expiration: 16 months and more
Volume: 10 ml
Manufacturer: Bausch and Lomb
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Hyal-Drop Multi Eye Drops 10 ml

Hyal-Drop Multi Eye Drops 10 ml

Hyal-Drop Multi Eye Drops 10 ml

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