Eye drops Thealoz Duo Gel 30x 0,4g

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Thealoz Duo Gel

With Thealoz Duo Gel drops, Thea Pharmaceuticals created preservative-free gel drops that use two essential components to combat severe dry eyes, provide long-lasting relief, protect the eye surface and provide maximum comfort.
The first key ingredient is Trehalose, which protects the eye surface. It’s a natural substance present in many plants and animals that helps them to survive in extremely dry conditions.
The second important component is sodium hyaluronate. This substance is found in the human body and can hold large amounts of water. It keeps the solution on the eye surface, giving long-lasting relief and cutting down the healing time of the clear surface of the eye.

Hygienic packaging and application

Thealoz Duo Gel eye drops are packed in 30 individual capsules, which each contain 0.4g of gel solution. This guarantees sterile doses as every unit needs to be freshly opened before use.
These gel drops can be applied as often as necessary throughout the day. There is no limit to the amount of times they may be used. It’s safe to use only without contact lenses.

Manufacturer: Thea
Usability after opening: 3 months
Volume: 30x 0,4g
Expiration: 6 months and more
Preservatives: No

Gelone Eye Drops 10 ml

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  • Can be applied even when your lenses are already in your eye
  • Quick relief from irritation
  • A long-lasting effect
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Billie Morris

Hi I have a couple of thealoz eye drop vial from my optician once opend does that vial have to be used up in one day, as there is no lid. Don't want to waste. So far only used 1 drop in each eye, so is still some left. Thank you.



Hi, Billie, Yes, each capsule should be used as soon as possible after opening.


Diana King

What plastic are the capsules made from? Is it HDPE Should I stuff them in an empty HDPE bottle to recycle or put them in the recycling loose? What is the best way to recycle? There is no information on the packets or the capsules at all. When you use these all the time the number of empty capsules is huge.



Hi, Diana, We'd like to refer you to this document: https://www.thea-pharmaceuticals.co.uk/…30ud-pil.pdf

Thanks, Alensa