CRAZY LENS - Black Out - power (2 daily coloured lenses)

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    CRAZY LENS - Black Out - power (2 daily coloured lenses)

    Cosmetic coloured lenses with power

    Dioptric coloured lenses are coloured lenses that have a power and are intended to correct your vision. Corrective lenses are typically prescribed by an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. The prescription consists of all the specifications necessary to make the lens. Prescriptions typically include the power specifications of each lens (for each eye). So even when ordering dioptric coloured lenses, you will need to know your prescribed parameters.

    About Gelflex

    The Australian company Gelflex has been producing contact lenses for over 45 years with a focus on contact lens quality, innovative design, patient health, comfort and quality of vision. They now have offices all over the world. All of their lenses are designed under strict quality control guidelines.

    About CRAZY LENS

    Produced by Gelflex, Crazy lens is a brand of coloured disposable contact lenses that offers lenses in all sorts of extravagant and playful colours perfect for costume parties, Halloween, cosplay, and more.

    Colour: Black, Special
    Manufacturer: Gelflex
    BC: 8.60
    DIA: 14.20
    Pack size: 2 lenses
    Replacement schedule: 1 Day
    Expiration: 12 months and more
    Oxygen permeability: 13,36 Dk/t
    Water content: 43%
    Product name: CRAZY LENS
    Power range: from -8.00 to +6.00
    Extended or overnight wear: No
    Lenses Material: Polyhema
    UV filter: Yes
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    Comments (2)

    Do you have any questions

    Jade henderson

    Hi, I am looking for prescription lenses for Halloween but I suffer with astigmatism would these lenses be suitable as a one time use? Thanks


    Hi Jade. Unfortunately, we do not yet offer coloured lenses for astigmatism. We do not recommend purchasing these lenses, as they will not correct your vision properly. Thanks, Alensa

    Debbie Barnes

    HI Do i need contact solution for the lenses i have ordered or are they just wear from the pack ? CRAZY LENS - Black Out - power (2 daily coloured lenses) CRAZY LENS - Black Out - power (2 daily coloured lenses) CRAZY LENS - Black Out - power (2 daily coloured lenses) +4 more CRAZY LENS - Black Out - power (2 daily coloured lenses) £8.65


    Hi, Debbie, No, these lenses are good for a one-time use only.