Contact Lenses and Sports

Lenses and sports

Vision impairment can stop anyone from enjoying sports and all kinds of other activities. Luckily, contact lenses are there to efficiently correct your vision. So, how well do contact lenses mix with sports? This guide will take a closer look. Before we start, however, first consult your optician or eye doctor in case you have any specific requirements or doubts. They will help you determine what's best for your needs.

Playing sports while wearing contact lenses

Contact lenses themselves have quite a few pros and cons, but it’s safe to say that lenses and sports are a match made in heaven! Contact lenses offer a number of benefits for athletes and can help improve your performance and comfort level. There are a number of factors to take into account while playing sports, and glasses aren’t always up to the task. Are you moving around a lot? Do you need your peripheral vision to be unhindered? Are you wearing any kind of protective gear? Let’s compare glasses and lenses:


Provides a natural field of view without restricting vision

Can be worn while also wearing helmets, goggles, etc.

Cannot fall off when moving

Are safe to wear and don’t add any danger if you were to injure yourself during sports

Are easy and less expensive to replace

Are comfortable, don’t add any weight, and don’t fog up or get blurry in bad weather

Distortions of any kind are rare or non-existent


Frames block your peripheral vision

Cannot be worn underneath most protective headgear and are sometimes even banned

Will easily move or even fall off during certain activities

Can break causing additional eye trauma or injury

Are very expensive to replace if they were to break

Depending on the type of sports, can be very inconvenient and fog up easily in bad weather

Light reflection on the lenses of eyeglasses may hinder your vision

Whether you just play sports for fun or are a professional athlete, it’s easy to see how contact lenses can improve your sporting experience. Beyond their comfort and convenience, contact lenses are certainly the safest option for athletes. They might not help you prevent injury but they allow you to wear protective headgear. This also makes them a great choice for, for example, winter sports or cycling . You’ll be able to wear sunglasses to keep your eyes safe from harmful UV rays and you are free to wear helmets and goggles.

Though glasses can be a bit more inconvenient for sports, certain lens treatments nowadays will prevent them from fogging up or reflecting light. Some glasses aren't as expensive anymore neither. We offer a wide selection of affordable frames, and each pair of our eyeglass lenses will be treated with state-of-the-art coatings -- preventing some of the problems listed above.

Contact lenses and swimming or water sports

Though contact lenses seem like the perfect solution for sports, there is one clear exception: water sports and swimming! This is because contact lenses may never be exposed to water. Exposure to water may lead to nasty infections and irritation. If you do open your eyes underwater, remove the lenses within 10–15 minutes, and do not use them again. Always wear water-tight, protective swimming goggles if you cannot avoid wearing your lenses while swimming.

After you’re done: showering, saunas or steam rooms

Once you’ve finished playing sports, you are probably planning to hit the shower or maybe even relax for a bit in a sauna or steam room. So what should you do with your lenses then? Tap water and sweat contain bacteria and should never come into contact with your lenses. Soaps and other chemicals in your shower products can also be dangerous for your eyes. Wearing lenses in these hot, dry, or steamy environments can dry out and distort lenses significantly, causing pain, discomfort, irritation, and difficulty removing them. Therefore, the message is clear: remove your lenses before taking a shower, getting in the tub, or entering a sauna or steam room. So as long as you keep this in mind, you’ll be good.

Pro tip

We’ve already established that contact lenses are the ideal choice for sports, but here’s a real pro tip: get yourself some daily disposable lenses! They do not require cases or solutions and are very easy to replace. You can take a small box with you anywhere you go, whether that’s just to the gym or on a winter holiday! If your lenses become contaminated with water or sweat, or if your lenses are starting to blur somehow, just reach into your bag and take out a fresh new pair of daily lenses. This way, your eyes will stay healthy and your vision will stay crisp and clear.

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