Coloured contact lenses - Non-dioptric - 10 lenses, TopVue

Non-dioptric coloured lenses are contacts that won't correct your vision. They are used solely for cosmetic purposes. For anyone who wishes to buy cosmetic lenses like these, it's advisable for your eyes to be measured for a "plano" prescription, meaning one with zero vision correction. A professional measurement beforehand will also tell you which lenses should comfortably fit you, and which lenses won't.

Packs of 10 lenses are a great solution for travelling, festivals, and an active lifestyle. A box of 10 pieces will easily fit inside any bag or suitcase so you're sure to always have your lenses with you, wherever you may go.

TopVue contact lenses are produced using the most advanced and most effective technologies. They are made with sodium hyaluronate and PEG material for increased lubrication and feature TopVue's patented thin-edge technology. The TopVue product family provides superior contacts that keep your eyes healthy and comfortable throughout their period of wear. Most TopVue packages come with a money-back guarantee, so be sure to check out the conditions. TopVue produces affordable contact lenses at the highest quality, so stop waiting and experience a new view on life.