Our ultimate guide to coloured contact lenses

Have you dreamed of trying out a different colour for your eyes? Or maybe you just want to enhance your own beautiful eye colour to make your eyes look even brighter? This is possible with coloured contact lenses. They are available with corrective power, and also without. Coloured lenses without power are known as cosmetic lenses. Because there are so many options, check our handy guide to help you choose the best coloured lenses for your eyes.

Enhancing, opaque or crazy coloured contact lenses?

There are several different types, so we thought we’d break it down and make it easier for you to choose. Your own, natural eye colour, as well as external factors like lighting conditions and clothing choices can influence the impact of coloured lenses. Enhancing lenses provide the most natural change, while opaque lenses provide more coverage. And of course, we have novelty lenses when you need something dramatic for a party or costume. Let’s take a look at each type.

Enhancing coloured contacts to highlight your natural eyes colour

Natural colour of the eye compared with an enhancing coloured contact lens

Enhancing coloured contact lenses intensify your own eye colour. It is possible to change from a lighter to a darker eye colour, but enhancing lenses will not noticeably change darker colours to lighter colours. Enhancing lenses are suitable for those who do not want to dramatically change their eye colour. FreshLook Dimensions contacts from Alensa are a good choice for those dreaming of blue or green eyes.

Opaque contacts to completely change your eye colour

Natural colour of the eye compared with an opaque coloured contact lens

Opaque contact lenses are designed to cover up your natural eye colour. If you want to completely change your eye colour, opaque lenses are the right choice for you. For example, TopVue Color, FreshLook Colorblends and Air Optix Colors are very suitable, even for brown eyes.

Crazy and cosplay contacts for dramatic effect

Natural colour of the eye compared with a crazy coloured contact lens

Do you want to go a little wild? Or maybe you need a perfect addition to your outfit for a party? You can choose from our crazy contact lenses which are also available with corrective power. Surprise everyone with your cat or vampire eyes! Crazy lenses are perfect contact lenses for Halloween.

Lens care for coloured contacts

Remember that the rules about contact lens care apply to coloured lenses as well. If you prefer the convenience of daily contact lenses, we offer several options including FreshLook One Day Color and ColourVue Oneday Trublends contacts. Monthly and quarterly lenses can be more cost effective, but should be cleaned daily. It’s important to note and not exceed the wearing period of your lenses.

If you want to have a new look, be the star of the party or simply cheer up your day, take a look at the selection of coloured lenses in Alensa.co.uk.


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