Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism (90 lenses)

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Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism

Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism are toric lenses from renowned producer, Bausch and Lomb, made from a technologically advanced HyperGel material (Nesofilcon A) to ensure high water content and oxygen permeability. These lenses provide exceptional comfort and performance throughout the day.

This package of Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism contains 90 lenses. Say goodbye to the hassles of astigmatism, like headaches and blurry vision.

Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism contact lenses are also available in a 30 pack.

High Water Content for Enhanced Comfort

After much research and testing, Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism contact lenses proudly demonstrate their ability to retain up to 98% of their moisture for up to 16 hours.

The lenses' composition is 78% water, and this is similar to the amount of water that is naturally found in the human cornea. Because of this, the lenses are also suitable for wearers with sensitive eyes.

High-tech Design

In addition to their exceptionally high water content, Biotrue ONEday lenses are made from the high-performance HyperGel material, which promises a high level of oxygen permeability. The level of oxygen permeability is measured at 42 DK/t. The increased breathability improves comfort and performance, making the lenses comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Bausch & Lomb developers have introduced a per-ballast (prism free) technology to stabilise the lens on the eye whilst maintaining an ultra-thin lens that allows for greater oxygen permeability. This lens design also provides sharp vision while reducing glare.

You'll know your lens is in the correct position and ready to be inserted by the indicator mark at the six o'clock position. They also feature a light tint for easier visibility and handling. And, for additional protection, the lenses are enhanced with UV protection.

Properties - Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism (90 lenses)

Manufacturer: Bausch and Lomb
DIA: 14.50
BC: 8.40
Pack size: 90 lenses
Replacement schedule: 1 Day
Expiration: 12 months and more
Oxygen permeability: 42 Dk/t
Water content: 78%
Product name: Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism
Cylinder extra power: from -0.75 to -2.75
Power range: from -9.00 to +4.00
Lenses Material: Nesofilcon A
Extended or overnight wear: No
UV filter: Yes
Medical Device: Yes

Gelone Eye Drops 10 ml

Immediate and long-lasting relief

  • Soothes dry and sensitive eyes
  • Creates a film that protects the eyes
  • Can be used on all types of contact lenses
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may lim

Hi, May I know if Biotrue daily disposable astigmatism contact lens can cater to Cylinder -2.75? Thanks


Hi May. Yes, these lenses are available with a cylinder of -2.75. Thanks, Alensa

Vanessa Lawrence-French

Are you able to get sphere -7.00 and -8.00 ?


Hi, Vanessa, For powers -7.00 and -8.00, simply click on the appropriate number on the drop-down menu.

Thanks, Alensa