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AO SEPT PLUS HydraGlyde Solution 360 ml

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Caution! This solution is peroxide. Please follow the instructions for using it!
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AO SEPT PLUS HydraGlyde® contact lens solution

AO Sept Plus HydraGlyde is hydrogen peroxide solution designed to disinfect all types of soft contact lenses. The patented HydraGlyde moisturising agent provides lasting moisture for maximum comfort. This solution is packaged with a special antibacterial case that contains the catalysing agent, AO DISC, which is necessary for the effective operation of the cleaning process. Each package contains one 360ml bottle of solution and special contact lens case.


Never apply peroxide solution directly into the eyes, as it can cause serious injury.

Never use a flat contact lens case with peroxide solution. Use only the special case that contains a neutralising disc that is included with the solution.

Never remove the lenses from the special case before completion of the neutralisation process (at least 6 hours).

Never overfill the case with solution. Leaked and non-neutralised solution can inadvertently come into contact with lenses or your fingers, causing injury.

This is not a multipurpose solution. It is essential to wait for complete neutralisation (minimum 6 hours) during each contact lens cleaning with solution to prevent eye damage due to burns. Use following the advice of your optician.

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GUIDE: How to Clean Contact Lenses

Read more about AO SEPT PLUS HydraGlyde Solution.


Manufacturer: Alcon
Solution type: Peroxide
Volume: 360 ml
Expiration: 12 months and more
Usability after opening: 3 months
Preservatives: No
Medical Device: Yes


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Comments (10)

Do you have any questions

Charles Lee

I've got my product and is a product that expired in March. What should I do?



Hi Charles. Please contact our customer service department at info@alensa.co.uk. Thanks, Alensa


Can you clean the lenses if you accidently take them out before the minimum 6 hours



Hi, John, Yes, you can.



How long Is a 360ml bottle expected to last if lenses are worn every day?



Hi, James, One bottle should last 6-8 weeks.

Thanks, Alensa


How long does the AO disc last if i use it everyday?



Hi, Michael, The AO disc lasts for as long as the solution is still healthy.

Thanks, Alensa

Sue hyde

How long can I leave my contact lenses in the solution once it is neutralised



Dear Sue, The lenses should be stored in the solution for at least six hours to ensure complete neutralization of the solution. Afterwards the lenses may be stored in solution for up to two weeks, but after this time, the solution must be discarded and changed.

Ellie Mills

Leave my lenses to soak in the solution and they feel great afterwards.

mary ann carangue

i wore my contact lens through the use of this aosept, it's my first time but as i wore this my eyes became irritated, is it normal?



Dear Mary,

please note that it is normal your eyes were irritated in case you did remove the lenses from the special case before completion of the neutralisation process (at least 6 hours). It is essential to wait for complete neutralisation (minimum 6 hours) during each contact lens cleaning with AOSEPT PLUS HydraGlyde® solution to prevent eye damage due to burns.


Hi, is aosept plus hydraglyde suitable for coloured contacts also?



Hi Emma, no, AO Sept Plus Hydraglyde is suitable for all soft contact lenses but we do not recommend it for the use with colored lenses. On each of our colored lenses, we advise never to use peroxide solutions. You can read more about our variety of solutions here: http://www.alensa.co.uk/solutions.html


The most effective cleanser, in my opinion. Slightly more effort involved, but the results are worth it.


This solution leave my lenses feeling cleaner than anything else I've tried. Just remember to let them soak for the full 6 hours!!

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