Air Optix Colors - with power (2 lenses)

Air Optix Colors - with power (2 lenses)


Monday 22.1.

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Air Optix Colors lenses with power allow you to correct your vision and change your eye colour simultaneously. Seven stunning colours are available for a natural, elegant look.


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I've only just started wearing contact lenses and have found the air optix coloured lenses very comfortable to wear, they reflect light a little but your eyes adjust within time. I tried the brilliant blue first ( i have blue/grey eyes) loved this vibrant blue colour made a real impact. I've just got the gemstone green and not so impressed with this colour, not as vivid as the image. Overall they are excellent lenses & a fab price


The colour range is really spectacular. I've tried the bright blue and bright green, and they're so dramatic and fun. Easy to wear, and highly recommended.

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Air Optix Colors Monthly Coloured Contact Lenses with Dioptric Power

Air Optix Colors are monthly coloured contact lenses made by Alcon (formerly Ciba Vision). They are a coloured version of Air Optix Aqua. If you have been using Air Optix Aqua and are about to start using Air Optix Colors, just keep the same parameters you had in the original version, and you don't even need to visit an optician. These contact lenses are supplied in a pack of 2 lenses (one pair).

We also offer Air Optix Colors without dioptric power.

3 tones technology

Air Optix Colors use a unique 3-in-1 color technology to enhance any eye color for a naturally beautiful and stunning look.

The lenses are available in 7 colours:
  • Blue
  • Brilliant Blue
  • Brown
  • Gemstone Green
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Sterling Gray

Surface coating

Air Optix Colors feature the silicone hydrogel material Lotrafilcon B, which provides a plasma coating. The patented surface within the lens is due to the adjustment of ions (electrically charged particles), which makes it resistant to the adhesion of deposits and impurities.

Air Optix Colors are designed for daily and casual wear. However, they do not allow the option of continuous use. At night, they must be removed from the eyes, cleaned and stored in the lens case with the solution.

Final colour effect

The resulting change in your eye color is influenced by many factors. Generally, naturally dark shades of the iris are covered less than bright ones. The color effect produced by the lens is also influenced by the color of selected clothing and accessories. Lenses will also look different under daylight or artificial light.

Power: from -8.00 to +6.00
Replacement schedule: 30 days
Material: Lotrafilcon B
Extended or overnight wear: No
Water content: 33%
Oxygen permeability: 110 Dk/t
DIA: 14.2
UV filter: No
Manufacturer: Alcon
BC: 8.6
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Air Optix Colors - with power (2 lenses)

Air Optix Colors - with power (2 lenses)

Air Optix Colors - with power (2 lenses)

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