Accessories for Contact Lenses - Lens cases, Lens cases with mirror

Contact lens cases are used to store your lenses and keep them clean with solution, whether you’re at home or on the go. Many have left and right indicators or some other design to help you remember which lens is which. Don’t forget to clean your case regularly and replace it every three months. We offer cases in all sorts of designs. Be careful if you are uses peroxide cleaning solution. This type of solution always requires a special case, which is usually included with the solution, and it can be dangerous to use just any other case.

A lens case with a built-in mirror is perfect for anyone with a busy on-the-go lifestyle. You'll be able to conveniently store your lenses, carry them with you wherever you go and make use of the mirror to help you put them in or take them out. Great for travels, at festivals or parties, at work, at the gym and more! These cases come in all sorts of designs and colours, and some even contain tweezers as well.

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